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Add a switch to your guitar using the existing holes in your pick guard or body. High quality CTS Push/Pull DPDT switches can be used to add phase switching, coil tapping, series/parallel, etc. to your guitar without having to drill the holes for a mini switch. The shorter body height and side mounted contacts require far less space (1” depth ) making them ideal for thinner bodied guitars with a more shallow body cavity. These Split-shaft pots are compatible with 24- spline, fine knurled knobs and feature a precise audio taper. Hex nuts, flat washer, and lock washer are included with each pot. CTS DPDT pots are available in three types for different applications. Common uses are as follows:

  • 500K Pots are commonly used when wiring humbuckers.
  • 250K Pots are commonly used when wiring single-coil pickups.
  • 500k Long Shaft Pots are commonly used when wiring carved top solid body guitars