Les Paul '50s Style Pre-Wired Harness | Orange Drop Capacitors

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Here's an absolutely fantastic upgrade to your Les Paul or LP Style guitar.  It comes completely wired and ready to install with just a few easy connections.  

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With so many different options out there, I wanted the ability to offer many of those options in one place.  

Potentiometers - Matched Sets, Spec'd to 500 kΩ or greater, and choose from Bourns or CTS.

Capacitors - Choose your capacitor values from Orange Drop's 225P, 715P, or 716P Series.  716Ps will ship as default unless another series is specified at checkout.

Toggle Switch (Optional) - Switchcraft toggles are arguably the best toggle switches available and I offer them exclusively.  Choose from a Standard (Long) or Short Frame versions with Black, White, Ivory (Cream), or Amber colored tips.

Compatibility Cheat Sheet:

Epiphone or other Import - Short Pots and Short Toggle

Gibson (General Rule) - Long Pots and Long Toggle

Gibson Historic Models - Most often take Short Shaft Pots and Long Toggles

Gibson Studio and Faded Models - Most often take Long Shaft Pots and Short Toggles

When in doubt... measure, measure, and measure again!  ;-)