Switchcraft Pre-Wired Standard Frame 3-Way Toggle Switch for Les Paul w/ Choice of Switch Tip Color

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Black, White, Cream, and Amber tips are available!

This Switchcraft 3-Way Standard Frame Toggle Switch is pre-wired with vintage correct braided outer shield pushback wiring.  Switchcraft toggle switches and jacks have been the gold standard in guitar wiring.  These Pre-Wired Standard Frame Switches are a great vintage-style replacement for your Gibson Les Paul guitar with 4-Conductor telephone wire.

This toggle switch is also the WILL NOT fit many Gibson Les Paul Studio, Tribute, and Faded Models. Please see my Switchcraft Short Frame Toggles for proper fitment.

The pickup leads are marked by color coded heat shrink tubing.

  • Yellow - Neck Volume Potentiometer
  • Red - Bridge Volume Potentiometer
  • none - Jack

Do not forget a fresh Switchcraft #11 Jack if you think you need one.